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Video instructions can be viewed here:

DailyDoll Shop   


The registration process on the DailyDoll Shop (DDS) / Crealandia (CR) marketplaces is absolutely identical.

DailyDoll Shop is a marketplace selling dolls and toys, as well as materials for them and accessories.

Crealandia - sale of hand made in general.

Consider the main points:

To register on the site as a seller, you must click on the little man icon.

In the new window that opens, click Register and enter your details and select Register as a Vendor.

After the full registration form opens, you need to enter the Seller's details to register

Be sure to choose the Start subscription package, using the QWERTY promotional code, placing 1500 listings for 365 days is absolutely free!

At the next step of registration, 4 steps will open for you to fill in the registration fields for free payment of the tariff plan.

Step one: Filling in your personal data

Step two: Skip. Press the NEXT button

Step three: Entering the QWERTY promo code

The promo code is entered in the field If you have coupon code, please apply it below.

After you have entered the promo code, click on the Apply Coupon button - the data in the table below will change and you will see that the cost of the Start plan has become 0.00 euros. 

Step four: At the last step, you need to check the box I have read and accept and click the Place order button.

Then, a window with order details will open for a short time and immediately a new window of the Store Setup Wizard will open. 

Shop setup wizards:

To start, click Lets Go!

You can skip the store setup wizard, but in this case, all store settings will need to be filled in before listing items.

In the first step, you will be asked to enter the address of your store (if you have a physical store, then this function can be used, if not, then you can not fill in these fields), the number of products on the page can be left by default - 16. This is the number of products that will be displayed on one page. 


Please note that if you fill in the address fields, this data will be visible to your users on the store page.

After filling in the information, you must click the Continue button (or Skip this step - if the data does not change).

In the second step, you need to fill in your bank details to receive payments:

If you would like to receive payments via PayPal, please enter your email address with which PayPal is registered.

If you want to receive payment to your bank account (SWIFT payments), then select Personal account type.


And fill in the fields according to the sample:
Account Holder - the name of your payment account, it can be any name that suits you, for example VTB - Ivan Ivanov
Account Type - Personal - this type is available to all merchants. If you are from Russia or Belarus, then you cannot choose a business account due to sanctions.
If you are from another country and have a company, you can choose a Business account.
If you choose Business, you need to provide us with your details and constituent documents for the preparation of invoices and reporting.
Routing & Account Number - for simplicity, we recommend that you use these fields to enter information about your name and card number.
In the Routing field, you must specify your First Name and Last Name in Latin letters, as indicated on the map. 
In the Account Number field - indicate the number of your kata, as it is indicated on the front side of your card.
For citizens of the Russian Federation, at the moment, withdrawal in rubles to a bank card of the Russian Federation is available.
For citizens of the Republic of Belarus, transfers are available to a current account (IBAN + SWIFT), through the Zolotaya Korona system and to a card, depending on the bank and its location on the sanctions list.
Specify the information in our technical support chat
For citizens of all other countries, withdrawals to a bank account (IBAN+SWIFT) and/or card are available.
In the Bank name field, specify - Bank name, Country, City.
In the Bank IBAN field, enter your IBAN account number
In the Bank SWIFT code field - enter the SWIFT code of your bank
Check the box below and click Continue
Your Seller account has been registered! 

Next, the system will redirect you to the personal account of the Seller

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone